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Introducing the FoodPencil

FoodPencil is 100% edible (even the label!) and vegan.

FoodPencil was created for the cake and cookie decorating industry or wherever you want to write and draw with or on food. We've also seen a great interest from parents and schools wanting a more green approach. This patent-pending creation is at the forefront of our product offering.

Make a mistake? It comes off easy with a small paintbrush and a little water!


Who's it for?

FoodPencil was created primarily for the cake and cookie decorating industry after the founder, Nancy Berill realized there had to be a better way than drawing on cookies with nonfood items.

We've also seen interest from parents and schools happy to have drawing tools that are completely food based!

Save the Planet

What makes it special?

FoodPencil is patent-pending and the first ever edible pencil! 

Available in standard grey, and COMING SOON in color options, this revolutionary product is ready to decorate your world in a safer, more eco-friendly way!

Packages at the Door

How do I order?

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Interested in a wholesale opportunity?

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About the FoodPencil Brand

We are driven by a passion to improve the way we do things in this industry. We strive to create new innovations, tools and processes to "decorate the world" with cleaner, greener, more eco-friendly resources. Blazing new trails and connected with like-minded companies and individuals is important to us!


Stay tuned for new products!

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