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About FoodPencil

Our mission is to decorate the world with food-based (non-chemical based!) products. FoodPencil's products are currently made by hand, by Founder, Nancy Berill. Health and wellness, eco-friendly, and sustainable products are very important to us. We are a huge supporter of women-owned businesses and boot-strapped businesses. We believe in the power of the individual to create and build. If you have a similar mission, please reach out to our marketing team (Creative Zin Agency) for partnership opportunities or to be featured on our social media!

Meet Nancy Berill, FoodPencil Creator and Founder

In her own words: "My background as a Nurse Practitioner has been intense and rewarding but throughout my medical career I have always gravitated towards artistic endeavors as a stress relief. I have found a creative outlet with pastries and cookie decorating, but also realized I could have a side business. With that being said, when I started decorating cookies, I realized that drawing on food with non-food items just wasn’t acceptable to me and I searched for better options. This led to developing FoodPencil as I found no alternatives to the graphite pencils that had been used for a long time and were accepted as oh well, there isn’t anything else and graphite pencils are“non-toxic.   I didn’t want to accept that and thought food Pencil solves this problem."


Upcoming Events

Tradeshow and event info will be here so stay tuned!

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