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How long does a FoodPencil last?

Even though they are 100% edible, FoodPencils don’t expire, just like regular pencils but they will melt in hot temperatures.

How/where do I store my FoodPencil?

Store pencils in a cool area. They can be refrigerated if temperatures are high.

How do I sharpen my FoodPencil?

Pencils can be sharpened with any jumbo pencil sharpener, just make sure the sharpener is only used for food pencil.

Will the FoodPencil stain my countertops or skin? 

It should not stain but we can't be held responsible if a stain were to occur. It'll be non-toxic though!

Why is FoodPencil better than my Edible Markers? 

Though the ink in those markers are edible, the marker itself is not. The FoodPencil is 100% edible. When it's gone, it's gone - there's no waste. Edible Markers don't allow for mistakes. So most people sketch lines with a graphite pencil and go over with the edible markers. With the FoodPencil, you're using one tool, so it will take half the time! Our colored FoodPencils are coming soon!

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